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The Rise of the Downfall Parody

It’s 1945 in Berlin. The end of World War 2 is just a few weeks away and the Führer, Adolf Hitler, is holed up in his bunker going mad as the battle for Berlin rages above him. That is the setting of “Downfall”, the film from 2004 directed by Oliver Hirschbiegel. However, as the film is subtitled into English, many youtubers thought it would be funny to take scenes from the film and change the subtitles, giving the clips an entirely new meaning.

This has been going on for a while though: the first known parody was titled “Hitler gets banned from Xbox live”. In the original version, Hitler storms into a verbal tirade after hearing that a planned attack against the Soviets had failed, but instead, Hitler went into a tirade about Microsoft finding his computer and banning him from Xbox live, losing him all the progress he made in those games. Ever since, more and more have been made, now with some having scenes and clips totally reedited. My favourite is probably the one below titled “Super Hitler Kart”, a mashup of Super Mario Kart, but with Hitler and his goons as the drivers instead.

There are many more of these parodies about, but a certain youtuber called “FegeleintheLostTapes” has done a lot of good, video-game inspired ones. All worth a checkout!


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