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London Olympics 2012


Well, it is easy to say that Olympic fever gripped the nation for the past fortnight. From jaw-dropping gymnastic performances  to some rather interesting dives (Germany – what happened? and of course the unforgettable record-breaking Usain Bolt; we were all enthralled by the wonders and accomplishments of the world athletes. And of course, a very, very impressive medal count for Great Britain.

The Ceremonies in London were by and large pretty spectacular.


 From a bungee-jumping Queen to Jessie J ironically singing “It’s not about the money”, yet driving into a stadium worth around a billion pounds in a rolls Royce wearing a rather interesting swimsuit, both the opening and the closing ceremonies delivered very interesting and entertaining performances.


Some great bands were chosen to perform at these ceremonies including the Spice Girls, Take That, Pet Shop Boys and Muse. Many were very excited to see such great bands on stage (including of course our very own dancing Boris Johnson)

George Michael then seemed to appear from somewhere to perform a few hits. Uhm..did anyone else think he was in prison?

Jessie J (above) was in about 97% of the performances.. hmph.

And, I think it is also fair to say that the videos shown of the great (but deceased) British artists such as John Lennon sang quite a bit better than the ones who were alive. Yes, Mr. McCartney, we are talking about you.

The comedy, however, was brilliant and I actually hoped to see a lot more. But what we did see had us chuckling away in our seats. Mr Bean – top marks.

Eric Idle too, reminding us all to look at the bright side of life with a few roller-skating nuns.

Russel Brand also took to the stage. Not many found him funny or entertaining, but at least the choice of songs was all right.

And of course, some stereotypes just have to be fulfilled. This year was done by no other than the President of the Olympic Games, Jacques Rougge (Belgian) who had as much charisma as a boiled cabbage.


And what did we learn from seeing the medal success of countries around the world? Well, Team GB had “more pluses than minuses” if you’re looking from a Russian perspective (sour grapes for coming 4th from a Jasper perspective); Kazakhstan really is greater than Uzbekistan; Grenada is the most successful country in the world on a per capita basis; America is pretty good when it comes to athletics, swimming and guns; and if Michael Phelps were a country, he’d be more successful than the likes of North Korea, Spain and Brazil and would have given Jamaica a run for their money (you know, that country with the “I am legend” Usain Bolt).

Our favourite Germany came 6th,  yet it could probably win gold medals in having the world’s longest words.

Did you watch the Olympic games and/or the ceremonies? Any favourites? And will you be gearing up to watch the Paralympics? Looking at some sports on offer – they have blind football. Now, that is astonishing and we hope to catch some of that.


Let us know what you think!

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