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Inbetweeners go to……. USA?

In the early hours of this morning, the first episode of the American version of the Inbetweeners appeared on our screens. When the pilot first appeared over youtube, the verdict among viewers was near universal: “Here we go again, another American catastrophe of a British remake”. Whilst I shared those views too, I decided to give it a chance, at least see what the first few episodes are like and then see. The first episode has not done much to allay any fears of another failed remake of a UK show…

Frankly, the American remake was just not funny. There wasn’t even a single smile-cracking moment in the first episode, compared with the UK version where you will always find something to laugh at no matter how many times you will have seen it. So much of the humour from the UK version, which had been copied so closely by the US version, was cut out.

So what about the characters? Well, Simon is still Simon and Will is still Will (albeit without all the geeky mannerisms). Jay on the other hand has become someone who has become totally unfunny and annoying. Whilst still boasting with his fictional stories of sexual deviancy, has transformed into a much fatter and confident character who cannot do a British accent and is someone you cannot really laugh at. The slow Neil has transformed into a pointless Neil, you cannot help but wonder what he is doing there at all other than to say “My dad is not gay” (Interestingly, Neil’s dad didn’t make an appearance in the episode where the boys bunk off school, denying us to see everything that makes him so ambiguous sexually and denying Will the chance to call him a “bumder”)

On the subject of language, a lot of the swearing has been cut out. A lot of the crude language that was used to make the UK version so funny has gone. The worst we got was “up to my nuts in guts”, but there was a distinct lack of “clunge” and “briefcase w*nker” and any time there was any swearing, it was beeped out, rendering the programme pretty tame.

I really did struggle to see much good with the show, especially if the show has some pretty different characters acting out identical scenes to the original. If the show is to work, the writers should probably write some new stuff because if they keep trying to copy the UK original, it’s just gonna look rubbish.

Watch this space, it got off to a bad start but it might get better…


One comment on “Inbetweeners go to……. USA?

  1. Norman
    July 11, 2013

    The american Inbetweeners were awful… British version definitely better!


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