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The website that time forgot

It’s 2005. You get back from school, load up your computer and open up the internet as you are about to upload photos, listen to music and customise your profile, not on Facebook, but on a website we used to go on called MySpace.

Even since then though of course, almost everyone that I know has migrated over to Facebook, but most people also didn’t close down their MySpace accounts. With those same people perhaps not even knowing the email-address and/or password they used for MySpace, those profiles are still online, allowing the many of us to cringe at the shenanigans of what people got up to in their teenage years.

There was one thing that EVERYONE had to have on their MySpace, and that was a profile picture taken from above as you look on in angst, accompanied by some really cool design on your profile and a suitable track to go with it. Also on the topic of photos, seeing the younger, slender and less-bald versions of the friends you meet at Uni does create a few giggles, yet it does make you cringe at your own when seeing yourself in your more younger, slender and less emo self!

Another thing that everyone had to have on MySpace was a really jazzed up version of their name or something really deep and meaningful, like “LAMBRINI SKANK ™” or “King Willuby of the Intergalactic Tramps” etc. etc. Everyone also had those at least one “About me” survey on their profile as well and posted up bulletins about almost everything they were doing. And you probably didn’t actually know about 30% of your “friends” because they were bands or random people that added you who were from random places like Skegness. Myspace was also THE site to be on if you weren’t a chav that used Bebo. What became of that site anyway?

And one of the ways of showing people what you really thought of them was by constantly rearranging and ranking your “Top Friends”. If you decided you liked someone more than someone else, you’d move them up and then wait to face the argument ensuing from the person you demoted as one of your top friends. Of course, being teenagers who often worried about this sort of thing, I doubt many of us didn’t have some sort of argument about who was in whose top friends!

What do you miss about MySpace? Let us know!


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