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EUROVISION 2013 – what to expect!


At the Eurovision Song Contest, you always get some really naff entries (usually from Albania), but it will certainly take something pretty special to top this year’s entry from Romania by Cezar. It all sounds quite standard to begin with until Cezar sounds like he’s been castrated about 30 seconds in, although given that the song is called It’s my life, he may have tried to take a lead from Bon Jovi in the high-pitched vocals department. Except it doesn’t work. The Romanian Eurovision fan page may describe him as 007, but maybe that will be because he’s left you shaken and stirred after enduring a 3-minute long caterwaul. If this song gets any points from any country other than Moldova, I’ll seriously eat my proverbial hat – watch this space!

(Olesya cries with laughter every single time at this one!)

Whilst most of the acts at Eurovision this year are relative unknowns, the UK and Germany have gone for big names – Bonnie Tyler and Cascada respectively – both of whom are probably dark horses to win the contest.

The bookies’ outright favourite to win though is Denmark, performed by Emmelie De Forest. Whilst Emmelie may only be 19 years old, the songwriter has a proven track record; writing two top 5 entries for Denmark in Eurovision.

We have taken some time out of our very busy final-year-panick-essay-dissertation deadline-exam stress-revision evening to catch up on all the videos and my, was it worth it!

Greece’s entry this year is a song titled “Alcohol is free”. Well, tell the Germans that! A more realistic song title could be “Alcohol supported by the Germans”, or “Germany will pick up the bar tab”. Funnily enough, this year’s Eurovision will be held in Sweden, where alcohol is very much the opposite of free! Sorry, Greece!

Anyway, back to the score!

Olesya’s top 3: Switzerland, Malta and Greece (yes, all the joking aside, it’s not a bad song!)

Jasper’s top 3: Switzerland  Norway, Belgium

Anyone been keeping an eye on this year’s entries? What are your predictions? The link below will show you all this year’s contestants and their songs! Happy watching! (Caution: may need to purchase earplugs just for a few of the entries.. and the squealing cats are not coming from your neighbour’s back garden but from your screen..especially if you are watching Armenia)


Let us know what you think!

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