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10 things we will miss about university!

Well, who would’ve thought? Jasper and I have officially graduated from university and real life can now begin. What do we mean by “real life”? Well, something which won’t incorporate the following on a regular basis:

1) J: Having an incredible amount of socials, a.k.a. organised drinking sessions, usually in the form of a pub crawl or drinks at the union bar followed by a club night
2) J: Halls. With all the freebies, constant fire alarms and all the other shenanigans that go along with living in halls.
3) J: Spontaneous house parties
4) O: In my case, fewer spontaneous house parties but a lot of international/Erasmus people eager to make you their new drinking buddy!
5) J: Being able to meet people from literally all over the world (or in the case of my flat in halls – people from literally all over Yorkshire).
6) O: Different societies dedicated to meeting people from all over the world and understanding different cultures. Amazing. Definitely lack of a “Yorkshire” vibe in Warwick.
7) J: Constant arguments between northerners and southerners about the names of meals during the day and the correct pronunciation of words like “glass”, “castle” and “bath”. How do we pronounce “banana” and “father”, anyway?
8) O: constant arguments with the professors about translation styles! If you thought “Windmengerinnen” were people who built wind turbines – you’d be mistaken. Don’t look at the dictionary which will tell you this meaning of the word, but instead, realise that it is a family name. Arg!
9) O: Of course the opportunity to go on Erasmus! (apart from dealing with bureaucracy, it was a pretty damn good time!)
10) YOGO (You Only Graduate Once) Good times/bad times – you will leave university with that piece of paper and finally being able to declare, “I am a graduate!” It’s an end of an era and a very good one at that!

Those who have recently started university – lucky you! Make sure you make the most of your time there as it really does pass you by quickly!
And those who are graduating/have graduated – huge congratulations! We did it and now, real life can begin! Watch this space 😀


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