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Monthly Roundup [July Jubilation]


July is almost over, August is about to begin. Before we start the new month, we thought we would stop and take stock of some of the things that happened over the last month!

Earlier this month, we found out who would be next in line for the throne, after Queen Elizabeth II, Charles and William finally vacate it. Much to Katie Hopkins’ approval though, William and Kate decided to play it safe and gave their kid an upstanding and proper name: George Alexander Louis Mountbatten-Windsor. He will probably have to wait until he’s 60 at the very earliest until he becomes King though. Do we have another Prince Charles on our hands?

Also, just a couple of days ago, Pope Francis made a comment at an impromptu press conference, saying “Who am I to judge gay people?”. Coming from the head of the Vatican, that is a pretty big statement. It may not seem as that big of a statement, as Christianity still has issues with homosexuality and it is almost certain that religious teaching and attitudes will still not change for a long time to come, but the Pope’s statement shows that he is accepting of homosexuals, even if others in the church are not. It is positive step though and hopefully this is a start in creating a much more inclusive church.

Edward Snowden has also been America’s official pain in the backside over the last month or so. The former CIA technical worker, who leaked vast amounts of US intelligence, has been living out an almost-real version of the Bourne Identity, by fleeing the US for Hong Kong before flying off to Moscow Airport, where he still remains until anyone decides to give him asylum. Where will he head off to next? I guess we will find out in the next couple of months or so!

Then there was the Womens’ European Football Championship hosted by Sweden. Guess who it was won by? Germany: the country that has won all but one European Championship since 1989. That is 9 tournaments of which Germany, staggeringly, has won 8. This easily makes the Women’s side more successful than the Men’s team, and their Men’s side is not that bad either! And if the Men’s side are the Meisters of scoring penalties, then the women are the masters of saving them, with their goalkeeper saving 2 Norwegian penalty shots in the final. What happened to England? Oh yeah, we lost to France and Spain and drew with Russia. At least we can say that England’s footballing records are consistently disappointing…

And finally, keeping up on the topic of sports, the London Olympics celebrated its 1-year-anniversary by hosting a 3-day athletics competition. Tickets for the event were scooped up within minutes and many Olympic stars returned to grace the event, like Usain Bolt, Jessica Ennis and Mo Farah. Whilst of course it wasn’t as big as the spectacle we had last year, it was still an exciting event and was great to watch!

And this month in a parallel universe:

– Borat becomes President of Kazakhstan and says everyone is to have camel milk with their wheetabix.

– The Americans rename American football as “Handegg” after the realisation that it is played with neither a foot or a ball.

Roll on August!


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