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No Actors, No Plot, No Script – The film that says a thousand words


Having recently come across the film Samsara, I just felt compelled to write about it. Although, this might even defy the point a little, as it is a motion picture without any words, without a plot (as we know it) – an almost visual meditation on the essence of life or “continuous flow”, which its name indicates.

A recent film (2011), it was filmed over four years in 25 countries. It is just utterly astonishing. Some shots can last as little as 6 seconds yet others are lengthier, showing unique and astonishing images, which will penetrate your mind and engage your senses. A film for the living.

Each shot moves smoothly to the next; some are: picturesque, disturbing, awe-inspiring, regretful, memorable… If you let yourself be carried by this film, you will undoubtedly experience many emotions whilst watching, undeniably something that very few films can achieve.

The breath-taking imagery and the wordless, yet powerful and memorable scenes add to the magic of the film. From the natural occurring phenomena to a brief glimpse of poverty-stricken places to colourful, exotic dances to the fast-paced modern human life– essentially, our life on this earth will be explored in this 1 and a half hour film.

This entry really sounds like an advert but this film has made me do it. It is freely available online (google: samsara watch online), as it was not made for commercial purposes. So, if you have some time to spare, I urge you to watch it. If not, make the time. For after seeing this film, you will feel very differently about many things, and maybe even yourself.


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