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Impractical Jokers: The Top 10


This is a show that we found out about a few months ago and has had us rolling on the floor laughing, or roffling as some people might say. The impractical jokers are a group of 4 friends who do their utmost to embarrass each other by getting them to perform pranks on their unwitting victims. The BBC tried to do a remake of this show but, almost unbelievably, the British version is worse than the American version! Mind you though, I think we can get away with it after many shoddy American remakes of British shows like the Inbetweeners, Fawlty Towers and the IT Crowd. Anyway, here are our top 10 Impractical Joker moments!

1) “Touching strangers in the supermarket” –

The goal of the game is to reach the end of the aisle but you can only move whilst touching a random person. Anyone who gets to the end wins and whoever doesn’t loses. How some of them get to the end of the aisle though is beyond me…

2) “Eye exams” –

Like most of the pranks on this show, the prankster has to say and do anything their co-prankers say. If not, they get a big fat thumbs down and run the risk of having to do the end-of-show forfeit! This one is set at the optometrist and puts unwitting people at the mercy of the impractical jokers

3) “Joe works as a bouncer at a hot club”

If only more bouncers were like these guys. Two of the jokers take up the role of bouncer and have a little bit of fun with the partygoers.

4)“How to cut the line for broadway tickets”

Why wait in a queue for hours when you can just cut to the front? That’s what they tried to do, with varying levels of success!

5) “Costco employees”

Having worked on the tills at a shop myself, I don’t think I could get away with anything these guys say!

6) “Shopping cart thieves”

Aim of the game: pinch as many items as possible from other people’s shopping carts. The person with the fewest number of items loses!

7) “Roommate from hell

In this segment, the jokers decide to have some fun with prospective roommates, only that in this one, the person to be pranked probably could be a joker in his own right!

8) “Sal’s sister”

Perhaps the biggest stich-up of all the pranks! In this clip, two of the jokers are supposed to give a presentation that the other jokers prepared for them, but Sal quickly turns from pissing himself to pissed off in this very funny clip!

9) “Social networking and you”

The first of the punishments that a joker has to do if they have failed too many challenges. This one gets one of the jokers to give a presentation on social networking!

10)“Strip high five”

Another punishment clip. Two jokers both fail, so there is a challenge between the two to get as many high-fives as possible. If they ever get knocked back, they have to take off an item of clothing. Whoever has nothing left to take off is the loser!

Hope you enjoy these videos as much as we do!


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