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Why going “healthy” ain’t so easy


A few weeks ago, we decided to meet up in the lovely city that is B-right-on and do as the alternative/organic locals do and be healthy. Little did we know, it was not as easy as it seemed. Whilst on the hunt for Goji-berry juice, we stumbled across a very pleasant shop that specialises in the weird and wonderful beverages of the organic world. The Guarana company is a little cafe in the trendy North Laine district of the city and we were presented with a plethora of an amazing variety of unusual and unconventional drinks. So we decided to give some of them a go!

The first thing we tried was a shot of wheatgrass juice. The waitress clipped a bunch of wheatgrass out of a plant pot and put the blades of grass through a juicer. Considering how much grass went into the juicer, it was surprising how little liquid actually came out! But within a couple of minutes, we were presented with two shots of wheatgrass juice, a strawberry each, as well as two glasses of water to wash it down, which might give you an idea of how the shot might taste! We did have to stifle our expressions of almost pure disgust (how on earth do cows do this?!), but we were helped by the knowledge that drinking one of these shots equates to having your 5 pieces of fruit per day.

Not prepared to be defeated, we then opted to try a fruit smoothie containing lots of different vegetables and herbs. A few sips in and you wonder what exactly is it that you are being punished for. The mix of the mashed up vegetables along with herbs, kale, grass and tree bark sent our mouths into a frenzy and half the cup had to be poured away into the bin. Put nicely, the drink really didn’t taste all that nice! It didn’t stop us though from trying out another healthy drink a couple of days later (when fighting an awful hangover), which they called the green drink. In a nutshell, it contained every fruit and vegetable that was green, and we also asked for a shot of wheatgrass in it too for good measure and to ensure we really did get our 5 a day. It was the moment we realised that being hungover was x100 better than trying to battle with the all mighty green drink. Ultimately, we should have stuck to a proven way of curing hangovers: bacon, egg and ketchup, preferably between two slices of bread.

The hmsies verdict? We think you’d probably be better off keeping away from the stuff. It doesn’t taste great, it’s only healthy for you if your taste buds are so damaged that you can actually drink the whole thing. Give me 5 apples a day any day! Oh and to give you an idea of how they tasted, have a look at the grimaces on our faces as we try to finish that lovely green drink of theirs!



2 comments on “Why going “healthy” ain’t so easy

  1. Joy
    August 30, 2013

    Pure veggie juice? Wow… that’s intense… Add some fruits in and it will taste all fine… 😀


    • hmsies
      September 1, 2013

      Haha yeah exactly! Could’ve done with an apple thrown in there :))


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