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Funny Quiz Show Answers


We kinda like watching our quiz shows, partly because of some of the comedy gold that comes up in the form of wrong question answers! Of course, we don’t all know the answer to every quiz question, but you sometimes have to wonder what was going through the contestant’s mind when they give their answer! Here are a few of our favourites.

(The Chase)

Bradley Walsh: Which of these is a city in Russia? A: Mullet, B: Mohawk, C: Perm.

Contestant: I went for Mullet because it sounds French


(German version of “Million Pound Drop”)

Host: 60 Minutes, 24 Hours, 30 Days, 12 Months. And the question is: Approximately how long does it take for the earth to orbit the sun?

Contestant 1: Well, we can definitely rule out 60 minutes.

Contestant 2: We can also rule out 12 months, I mean, it’s only a day! It gets dark and light in a single day. It can only be 24 hours!

They put all of their money on 24 hours. Of course, they lose it all. Worryingly, it was the first question and contestant 2 was training to become a teacher…


(Are you smarter than a 5th grader?)

Host: Budapest is the capital of what European country?

Contestant: This might be a stupid question… but I thought Europe was a country. I mean, I know they speak French there… is France a country?

After using the copy lifeline:

Host: The answer is Hungary

Contestant: Hungry? Hungry’s a country? I mean, I’ve heard of Turkey!


And here’s a few from “Family Fortunes”:


Host: Name a vegetable you marinate.

Contestant: Grapes


Host: Name something that you might accidentally leave on all night

Contestant: Your shoes


Host: Name a game you can play in bed

Contestant: Eye-Spy


Host: Name a yellow fruit

Contestant: An orange


Host: Name a famous Arthur

Contestant: Shakespeare

Host: Arthur Shakespeare? Haha ok then!


If you like this sort of thing, we recommend getting the book Mediaballs, a book from the political satire magazine Private Eye, who publish a column on funny quiz show answers and interesting sports commentary in every issue. Well worth a read!


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