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Smells like “Middle-Aged” Spirit!


As it turned out, we both have fathers who like to play a bit of music! So we thought it’d be a good idea to write about our dads’ bands, the music they play and what it’s all about!


Jasper: Well, my dad, who now prefers to be known as Chris Oxide (don’t ask me why, he just does), got together two of his friends and set up what they call a Rockabilly/Psychobilly trash band. It’s pretty much rockabilly stuff… but psycho – something a bit like what the Meteors would perform. Dad decided to team up with Bob and Clive who play drums and guitar respectively, but he didn’t have an instrument of his own he could play. So, he decided to go online a buy a shining white double bass, an instrument that he had never learnt to play before. A year and a half later, with the double bass now spray-painted metallic grey and adorned with Christmas decorations (?), he’s now a solid double bass player and his band have performed now at numerous venues, mostly in Brighton, but also across the South and the Midlands. The band has gone from strength to strength and has built up a pretty good rep as a supporting act, sometimes even outshining the main act! If you’re interested in what they sound like, and they do sound pretty good, here’s a link. If you like what you hear and happen to be in the Brighton area, they will be doing quite a few gigs! They’re also planning to do a European tour but it’s still TBC, so watch this space!


Olesya: Well, who would’ve thought that we would both be blessed with musical fathers? In my case, the genre is very different, and it goes by the name of Guggenmusik or Carnival Music. It is as much about the visual aspect as it is about the sound. Colourful and creative costumes are worn and the band assembled will include: trumpet players, trombone players, sousaphones, euphoniums, bass drums and trolley mounted kit drums. Guggenmusik has its roots in Switzerland where a group of drummers would parade through the streets in the week before Shrove Tuesday to frighten away the Spirits of Winter (hence the colourful costumes and loud instruments). Now, it is a popular carnival and my dad, Nigel is a proud member of Frumptarn Guggenband (from the very exotic Barnsley..though there are definitely a few people there that could do with being frightened away!) and who perform many gigs throughout the year, including the annual festival in Schwabisch Gmund, Germany. Of course, it is hard to put music into words, so here is a link to hear a great and unique band!

_upload_225-Guggenband 2


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