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Roundup of 2013

Another year gone. As we go into 2014, we decided to look back on 2013 and remind ourselves of some of the big events of the year.

2013 was always going to be a bit of a tricky year for the UK given how much 2012 was a massive year for Britain’s national pride, with the Royal Wedding, the Queen’s Jubilee, and Britain hosting and performing brilliantly at the Olympics. But 2013 has also been a good year for us, as the one and only Justin Bieber had such a bad time here earlier this year that he declared he’s never coming back to the UK ever again. As Borat would say: Great Success!



We also got a new pope this year called Francis, who seems to be a pretty good guy and has earnt a lot of respect given all the scandals and problems that have rocked the Catholic Church in recent years. He has been incredibly charitable and even been known to sneak out of the Vatican to help the poor and homeless of Rome; he’s actively fighting the issue of child abuse; and he has promoted a far more tolerant stance on gay rights.

And back in May, Sir Alex Ferguson finally retired as the manager of Manchester United. A man who had been at Man U even longer than either of us have been living, he became arguably the most successful football manager not only in Britain, but the world, winning a staggering amount of trophies with the team. But as the reign of Fergie came to an end, in comes David Moyes, who got off to a very quick start damaging the winning aura of the long-dominant Man U side, with many unfortunate records now being set. A prediction for 2014? I think they’ll probably become the next Liverpool – great history but nothing that special now.

We also had the royal birth that the whole world was waiting 9 months for. Back in May, Taufa’ahau Manumataongo – the second in line to the Tongan throne – was born, which was incredibly exciting. There was that other royal birth of Prince George of Cambridge, but no-one really cares about that. Millions of other babies were also born this year and they of course received just as much media coverage as Taufa’ahau and George! But with notable births also came notable deaths. Old Iron-knickers popped her clogs back in April and the world lost a leader in the form of Nelson Mandela back in December (at least I think that’s what the sign-language interpreter said). The world also lost James Gandolfini, the iconic actor who starred as mafia-boss Tony Soprano in “The Sopranos” and we also lost the only interviewer to make U.S. President Richard Nixon really sweat, David Frost.

But what does 2014 have in store for us? Well we can probably expect Europe to go bankrupt 2 months into Greece’s presidency of the EU, North Korea will probably go a bit crazy again and Justin Bieber will probably piss off everyone in the world again!


Let us know what you think!

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