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Hmsies does Vegas!

poker 2

So, recently Hmsies bought a poker set from a flea market in Munich, (where they also had other board games, vintage clothing and, curiously, copies of “Mein Kampf”). Crazy Germans.

So, we bought the set, and then decided to sit in our ‘kampf-y’ chairs (hur hur) and make the painful switch from Monopoly to Poker. At first, I was very hesitant and thought it was actually a very boring and pointless game and I had no idea how it could be so popular. However, this changed very quickly when I started winning against Jasper, who actually used to be pretty good and had won a few poker tournaments back in his home town of Brighton.

Because we started enjoying playing poker so much, we decided to try and find some poker evenings. The problem, however, is that poker evenings in Munich are notoriously hard to come by due to the prohibitive gambling laws here, but we ended up finding a poker evening hosted by a group of expats. The problem was though, because Germans like to be awkward, the chip denominations were 1.75, 3.5, 5.25 and 10! We kid you not! It resulted in people getting very confused as to what it was they were actually betting combined with the fact that they thought straights were higher than flushes. So, after leaving that poker evening, somewhat dissapointed,we decided to do one better and host one of our own.

Now, Hmsies does not endorse gambling and we only bet the price of a cocktail on a given evening. However, with that said, the poker evenings have turned out to be very succesful and, so far, Hmsies has beaten a banker from Ukraine,a loose agressive Finn and a reckless Transylvanian. In fact, it has been 100% success rate for the female half of Hmsies. To win all the time in a very male dominated game tells us that maybe girls do make better poker players. They are much less impulsive and ego-driven when it comes to the game which sets them apart from the men as Poker usually favours the tighter players.

So, here’s to another win by Hmsies hopefully and maybe I could even teach Jasper a thing or two about the game!

Have any girls out here played poker and if so, how succesful have you been?


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