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Ready, Steady, Puck! Or how the Germans won the Deutschland Ice Hockey Cup without a goalie..

This weekend, Hmsies decided to go and cheer on Germany at the Deutschland Cup Ice Hockey tournament. The day kicked off with a game between Switzerland and Slovakia. The stadium wasn’t particularly full, but you definitely could hear a small army of Slovakians chanting and cheering away for their team from outside the stadium. Inevitably, we found ourselves grouped among the cheering Slovakians whose mood never dampened despite losing to Switzerland for most of the game, and the atmosphere in the stadium was electric, with everyone making clapping noises with cardboard fans we had all been given before entering the stadium.


Olesya with the Slovakian fans

The main highlight of the day of course was the game between Germany and Canada. Both teams went into the game with Germany already confirmed as tournament winner and Canada as the team finishing last, but that certainly didn’t dampen the level of competitiveness between these two very good teams! So competitive, that they even made sure they limbered up properly by doing some very interesting looking exercises.

Warm Up exercises

Warm Up exercises

In stark contrast to the early game though, the atmosphere of the late game was very quiet, which was quite surprising given that a stadium full of Germany supporters were able to cheer about an early 2-0 lead. The Germany team seemed to go quiet as well though, which might be somewhat understandable given they were often on the receiving end of a few Canadian lashing outs, but Canada clawed two goals back and the game ended up going into added time.

The thing we found most unusual was that with a few minutes left of the game, the German goalkeeper actually left the rink and sat with his team mates nattering away. During this time, Canada scored their last 2 winning goals. Now, we know there’s being confident, but leaving the goalpost free when the game was still going on is something we did not quite understand!

Nevertheless, it is safe to say that the Germans are having quite a bit of luck on the sports front recently, however the presence of World Cup winner Thomas Müller there didn’t prove to be their lucky charm. It was a very exciting match and was actually Jasper’s first time at an ice hockey game and he is sure to go again! Given there is a distinct lack of ice back home in Brighton and ice hockey is almost never shown on TV, there was never really the chance to properly get into it, but it’s all change now!

Now that the winter season is coming up, it is time for us to get our skates on again! Are any of you fans of ice hockey or ice skating?


Let us know what you think!

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