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Let’s Get Fired Up For Christmas at a German Christmas Market!

You know that Winter is here when the Christmas markets are in full swing. That is why Hmsies decided to go to the one in Munich (set in the same place as Oktoberfest, would you believe) and get into the festive spirit!

Apart from the usual stands with little Buddhas, candles, necklaces and other wooden knick knacks, there were many little huts offering hot Gluhwein (Mulled wine) for those wanting to warm up a little in the cold weather.

Hmsies spotted a place named “Feuerzangenbowle” where you can get your typical glass of mulled wine but it is set alight after a shot of rum and a sugar cube has been added to it.


It was served whilst still on fire of course, reminding us a bit of that Flaming Moe’s drink from the Simpsons. Instead of being served in a standard mug however that most hot drinks come in, the Feuerzangenbowle has a little lip at the top, where you light the sugar cube and caramelise it before dropping it into the drink. In true German spirit, it’s very functional!

One thing that you perhaps don’t see in Britain is this drink which is just fantastic to have when you’re standing around in minus temperatures and looking for something hot and fiery to get your toes moving again and add some life back into your cheeks!


Chritstmas markets were also a great place to get a good meal! Polish sausages, Thai noodles and Spanish tapas were all on offer, not to forget of course the tasty German Bratwursts! If you want it, they probably have it and it was all cooked to perfection! The only thing putting you off your food maybe is fellow market-goers sneezing and blowing their noses whilst you’re taking a bite into a very nice meal!


But remember everyone, always drink responsibly! Otherwise you may end up looking like this after a glass of too many Feuerzangenbowle…


Have any of you been to any Christmas markets yet? If so, what’s the thing that you’ve loved the most?


Let us know what you think!

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