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New Year’s Resolutions And Why You Should Start With Us Today!


Almost another year gone. In just a couple of weeks it will be 2015 and millions will be putting their New Year resolutions into action. Whether it’s getting fit, losing a few pounds, learning a foreign language or generally being a more positive person, everything begins on January 1st.

But why do we have to wait until the 1st of January to do something we have always wanted to do? Almost every January, gyms are rammed full of New Year resolvers wanting to lose weight, but the later the year goes on, the fewer people that stay. Eventually they stop going, end up putting back on a little bit of weight and find themselves having to make another weight-loss resolution next January. Wouldn’t it be better to make a resolution when you need and want to do it? For example, making a resolution to lose weight when you can no longer fit in a size 34 pair of jeans or quitting smoking when you’ve coughed up a lung, rather than just starting on some arbitrary date because hey, that’s the way it’s done!

This is why, Hmsies have decided to start now and here are a few reasons you should as well!

1) To get a head start: Let’s say you want to lose weight or get fitter. If you start in January, you’ll find it very difficult finding equipment at the gym or space in the pool to do your exercise, discouraging you from going any longer. Start another time though when people are busy filling up their trolleys with turkeys and the gyms are quieter than ever and you will be able to already feel the difference come Janurary meaning you are more likely to stick to it come the New Year. Whatever the resolution: exercise, not smoking, being kinder – there is no better feeling come January the 1st when you have already started the resolution and are feeling pretty good and hopeful for the next year!

2) To have a purpose: Sometimes, a lot of people make a resolution to do things they should do, not because they really genuinely feel motivated to do it but because others or society would say it’s the right thing to do. Like many of us feel like we should stop smoking and drinking, but do we actually want to? If we pick the right resolution/goal ourselves and can see ourselves going through it and feeling better as a result then that is a much greater motivating force to do it rather than just starting to do something, anything, because it happens to be January 1st.

3) To feel good: Why should we wait until we’re well into New Year when we start feeling better about ourselves? Yes, December is a long month of overindulgence, especially on the food and alcohol part, hence a lot of people start detoxing or completely cutting out all alcohol in favour of “Dry January” but why do we do this to such extremes? One day we load up on the excess cake, cheese and wine and then next, we are drinking a celery and protein shake and doing squats when brushing our teeth. As they say, there is no better time like the present so why not do some yoga to keep stress levels down, go for an active walk and don’t feel you need to have 3 helpings of Christmas turkey. Enjoy these last few weeks of December by all means but know that you don’t need to wait another fortnight before starting those resolutions.

So, for those of you wanting to set yourselves resolutions for 2015, what are they going to be?


Here are some of ours that yes, we have started already!

1) Losing weight: It’s probably pretty high on most people’s resolution lists, and it certainly is for Jasper, as he ballooned to the size of a zeppelin since moving to Germany!

Note: We will be launching a health and wellbeing section next year and following Jasper’s journey to being fit and healthy!

2) Peace of mind: Olesya will be keeping up with regular practice of meditation and yoga for a greater balance and wellbeing of the mind and body. Actually, more the mind.

3) Veggie-time: Also, having had a near panic attack trying to make chicken broth and being disgusted and petrified by the bloody chicken legs, Olesya has decided to go from “wannabe” vegetarian to at least “part-time” vegetarian. Having spent the last 5 months in Munich eating Schweinsteigers (or Schweinshaxen as some Germans prefer to call it) and sausages, it is safe to say, meat is off the menu for a good while now.

4) Music practice: Jasper has set the resolution to get himself back into music. He used to be a pretty good musician – not to blow his own trumpet (pardon the pun),but he once performed at the Royal Albert Hall in London. He has not really done much since, but he now has a chance to bring an electric amplifier to Munich so that he can start performing some rock music on his electric violin (Will there be a video soon? Watch this space!)

5) Blogging:  And last but not least, we of course plan to write even more great blog posts here on Hmsies!

So don’t wait for January 1st – start now and get a head start on everyone else! But most importantly, whatever your resolutions are, do them for yourself and only for yourself.

And perhaps this brings us to our final resolution: Don’t make any more New Years Resolutions!


2 comments on “New Year’s Resolutions And Why You Should Start With Us Today!

  1. Sophie @ Sophie Speaking
    December 20, 2014

    So true! I’ve been contemplatnig my resolutions for a few days now -maybe I’ll start this week!

    Liked by 1 person

    • hmsies
      December 20, 2014

      Hi Sophie! Thanks for your comment! It’s a great idea to start if they’re already in your mind. Good luck!


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