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Fat Jasper Part 1: Downsize me!


Hello, my name is Jasper and at this moment at time, I weigh in at 16st 10lb (106kg) – which is a good weight for someone of a particular height – and I’m fairly confident that I’m able to say that I’m in shape. Unfortunately, that weight is only good for someone who is 7 feet tall, making me at 5”10’ very much obese, and the only shape I resemble is a sphere. I’m so fat, someone could throw a bun at me and it would go into orbit around me or it would fall into the gaping black hole that is my mouth, never to be seen again. Yikes.

Yes, weighing in at 16st 10lb when I am only 5”10’ tall well and truly classes me as fat. Sure, I could call the whole situation something a bit nicer-sounding, such as being a bit overweight, obese or large, but that would just cover up the situation from being what it really is – me being a fatty, a lard-lubber, a porker. So fat even, that clothes that once used to fit me comfortably are now straining at the seams trying not to burst whilst keeping my rolls of fat under control. Frankly, I should have done something about it and that is what I’m doing now.

yoga pic


So, I guess the first question I should really be asking myself is what goals I should be setting myself. According to the Body Mass Index (BMI) system, the absolute maximum weight for someone my height should be around 12st 6lb – almost 4 and a half stone from where I am now. With that said, BMI isn’t the best and most foolproof way of determining what the best weight is for someone of a particular height, especially if I want to gain a bit of muscle, and a few years ago I was at a very comfortable weight and very much in shape at just under 13st. My first goal then is to get back down to that sort of weight, which still means I’ve got to lose around 4 stone.




But losing that weight is only the first part of the battle of bulge and my second goal is perhaps the more challenging one, namely to keep the weight off for good. After all, my weight has yo-yoed quite a lot, as there have been many times I’ve been at a healthy weight and I’ve spent an almost equal amount of time being fat. Yo-yoing is definitely not good for my health and I’ve gotta do what I can to stop it from happening again.




Unfortunately I quite like making excuses for myself. Generally, my desire to eat and enjoy a drink outweighs my desire to go for a jog. In fact, I generally see most forms of exercise as a chore and not something I particularly enjoy doing, unless it involves physical drinking games like Flunkeyball.

The only form of exercise I do enjoy doing though is swimming, which is great for weight-loss and was the exercise of choice when I dieted last time. However, I struggle to get into a rhythm when swimming in pools in Munich, as there aren’t specific swimming lanes and people tend to swim everywhere – across you, right behind you, right at you. If there are swimming lanes, I can swim 20 lengths non-stop fairly easily, but doing just 4 lengths whilst constantly trying to dodge people is surprisingly tiring.

So yes, I’ll be making fortnightly blog entries on how I do and hopefully the next time you read the next part of Fat Jasper, I’ll be well on my way to getting to the weight I need to be at! In the meantime, what exercise do you enjoy doing and what are your best tips for getting into shape?


3 comments on “Fat Jasper Part 1: Downsize me!

  1. deborahcrocker
    January 6, 2015

    I have lost 70 pounds with Gods help. I only eat three meals, no snacks, and half portions. I dont diet at all, even eat deserts, just half.


    • hmsies
      January 6, 2015

      Hi Deborah, thanks for your comment. I forgot about the half portions idea! Food portions in Germany are pretty big and I got used to eating more when going out, even eating half should leave me well fed!

      Liked by 1 person

      • deborahcrocker
        January 6, 2015

        When I cried out to God for help in desperation this is how He led me and it worked. Wow!


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