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Fat Jasper Part 2: Ready, steady, flop

So, here I am 2 weeks into my diet and workout regime but I’m afraid to say I got off to a false start, as over the last two weeks I have barely lost a pound, so get ready to read a few excuses I have for not doing as well as I should have!

My first week into the diet was a stressful one – at work, half of a 12-man team had called in ill making work for the rest of us very stressful as we were trying to juggle multiple tasks at once, leaving me with headaches by the time I left work and wanting to do nothing other than slob out, eat a pizza and drink a beer in front of the TV. The second week wasn’t much better, but it was made bad by the fact that I had lost two very old friends of mine at the weekend, so my first two weeks weren’t good on the work and personal front. Of course, whilst I know there is no such thing as a “perfect time to diet”, the past two weeks were unusually bad and these mental blocks did get in the way when it came to starting this diet.

So whilst I haven’t lost any weight this week, it doesn’t mean I haven’t made a start on preparing myself for the next two weeks – I already started taking advice from the lady who commented on the last post on Fat Jasper and have started eating half-portions instead of the larger-than-life ones I very much got used to before. On top of that I have also lowered my beer intake so hopefully if I keep this going and up the amount of exercise I do, then the weight should start to drop properly and I’ll be able to say I lost a lot more weight in Part 3 of Fat Jasper!

Starting weight: 16st 10lb (106kg)

Current weight (after two weeks): 16st 9lb (105.6kg)


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