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Behold, the narciss-stick!

Ever wanted to take the perfect selfie? Have you taken so many selfies but still not been able to strike that perfect pose? Fear not! For there is the selfie stick, the stick that really helps you show the world your face, in case we ever forget who you are!


Yup, nowadays you can buy a stick that helps your narcissistic self take the perfect selfie! When you’re globetrotting around the busy streets of the Far East or just kicking back in a McDonalds with your BigMac, the whole of Instagram and Facebook and everyone around you will know about it as you get your stick out and snap that special selfie!

Gone are the days of social interaction when we ask the ordinary passer by to take that photo for us, and in with the antisocial stick to help us feel ‘social’ on social media! Pout it, picture it, and plaster it all over the internet for everyone to see your face, your dinner or whatever it is that you so badly need the selfie stick for!


Jasper taking a selfie by the toilets..

Have we now maybe gone too far that we really need a stick in our hand and a fish pout smile on our face? What ever happened to taking beautiful holiday photos of the beach or the castles or picnics with friends? Why do we now have people thinking their faces are more exotic than the Egyptian pyramids or the leaning tower of Pisa? Not only have selfies become pretty much the norm in this day and age and clogging up most photo feeds on social media sites, but now we have this bizarre invention of the selfie stick for those who wish to really be the star in their own lives.

Let’s all stop being wannabe Kardashians and start enjoying living in the moment instead. Do take photos, do take selfies if you really want, but might the fact that you have to buy a selfie-stick show that you might have some sort of ego problem? After all, it’s not like your friends are going to forget what you look like after 24 hours if you don’t constantly take a selfie. And if you want a photo of yourself and your friends, why not do it the old-fashioned way and actually interact with a passer-by to ask them to take a photo. What we project as “social” is in fact really not that social at all and is just leading to a bad case of narcissism in our generation.


2 comments on “Behold, the narciss-stick!

  1. Amanda Afield
    February 24, 2015

    Great rant on the selfie stick. I was so frustrated when I went to the changing of the guards at Buckingham palace and everyone was too busy waving their selfie sticks or taking video to actually watch and enjoy.

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  2. hmsies
    February 24, 2015

    I was taking the Eurostar just a few days ago and some guy on the platform decided to take a selfie, stopping abrubtly in the middle of the platform and as I was walking fast, I just completely smashed into him. I mean theres the positive side of technology and then there is the almost absurd side of it..
    And very true about people not actually watching the events, for example some pictures of concerts when all you can see are just people’s mobile phones flashing in the air..haha, ridiculous!


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