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Hmsies’ Guide To Oktoberfest

It’s beer o’clock! At least for this weekend before Oktoberfest comes to a close for this year! Seeing as Munich is where we first met, we wanted to write about the most famous beer festival that the city has and give some insider tips for all who will ever go there! It is definitely a must-do in your lifetime, so let’s get started!

Which tents are best to go to?

If you are looking for a good party, then Löwenbräu or the Armbrustschützenzelt are your best places! Drinks are flowing, people are dancing and there is always a very fun atmosphere here!



However, for those who may prefer a quieter drink then, try out the Augustiner tent or the Hacker Pschorr. They have great beers and they are usually quieter so good for goinng out with your friends, family or colleagues. 
And for those of you who really want to go fancy, then head on over to the Spaten tent! Make sure you’re not dressed in shorts and sandals though! (Jasper, take note here!)

What is the best beer to drink?

This is easy. All Bavarian beers are really good – and during Oktoberfest every brewery does its own special brew for the festival! Coming from the UK where we just have overpriced Carling and Fosters, we were lucky to live in Munich, which is home to some pretty great beers. However, for those who are very picky about their German beers, we would say, the best are probably Spaten and Augustiner. There is even quite a famous joke about the best beers in Germany.


After work, the brew masters from the Munich breweries sit together in a pub. Needless to say, each brewer orders beer from his own brand. The Löwenbräu guy orders Löwenbräu, the Hacker Pschorr guy orders a Hacker, and so on. Last one to go is the Augustiner guy. He orders a Coke. Everybody is stunned, asking – “Why?” – “Well,” he finally says with a wide grin, “if you are not ordering any beers, then I won’t either.”

What time is best to go to get a seat?

This may sound a bit drastic but we are not kidding here. If you are planning to go at the weekend, then definitely no later than 10 in the morning. Tents will get full from 10.30am onwards on Saturdays and Sundays so you will have to be brave and start early!

The best would be to go on the weekdays because usually there will always be a spare few seats at any time in the tents, but if you arrive late on a weekend, you will most likely have to sit in a beer garden, which isn’t the worst thing in the world at all!

With whom should you try and avoid to sit?

To begin with, you should actually try and sit with older people. They usually don’t stay very long and when they leave, the table will be free and you get to decide who sits on your table.

If some people who are very drunk or rowdy want to sit with you, you can just say your friends are sat there and they will move on.

What dish soaks up the beer best?

So, you’ve had a few Masses by now and are feeling peckish. The pretzels don’t help by the way people! They are so salty that they will make you drink even more beer! Instead, we recommend you to try the roast chicken known locally as Hendl and some fries or the bread dumpling, called knödel!


The portions are pretty generous and taste delicious! If you happen to be a vegetarian, then sadly, you probably won’t be able to eat anything so make sure to take something with you!

Speaking of drinking, how many Masses are too many?

As many as you can afford! Remember, a Mass is now just over 10 euros and you are expected to tip the waiting staff, which makes just a single beer quite expensive! We would say, 3 would be a good number and if you drink any more, you will have to really watch yourself because the beer is pretty strong. Also, don’t drink too fast – a mass in one hour is the general safe bet. 

What are the must-know songs?

Oktoberfest wouldn’t be Oktoberfest without some good ol’singing! Luckily, many songs will be repeated so here we will give you the most famous ones you will hear in the tents!

Ein Prosit! For when you cheers your beers

And of course, the Germans’ favourite ever song!

Then comes the one with the dance moves!

The song that is on repeat almost constantly! Good ol’ Helene Fischer.

And in case you don’t know any of the other songs, there’s always this one!

What are the key German phrases you need to know?

Well if you know some German already, just speak in drunk German and you’ve effectively got Bavarian! Otherwise, try some of these:

Mia konns nu a weißbia bringa – I would like a beer please

Prost! – Cheers!

Kanndad I dei Numma hom? – Can I have your number?

Wies’n – (the local name for Oktoberfest)

Mogs du un bussi? – Fancy a snog?

And remember, always drink responsibly! Otherwise, you may end up on Youtube like these poor people:


Let us know what you think!

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