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What’s up, 2016?


So, we have made it to the other side (I must have called a thousand times!). New Year is upon us and with that, many new resolutions to be broken of course! However, we have been away for quite some time because life changed dramatically for the both of us! And this is exactly why Olesya does not believe in planning things, because try as you might, it really is true that ‘life is what happens while you are busy making plans’. So we would like to finally share what’s been going on (and why Hmsies has been a bit quiet as of late) and we’ll soon get back into the swing of things with some exciting things planned for both me and Jasper for 2016!

In short, we’ve been spending our time getting clevererer. We’ve both started doing Master’s whilst at the same time managing either a full-time job in Jasper’s case and a number of jobs in Olesya’s. Basically, being organised is key this year if we’re not to suffer severe exhaustion or mental breakdowns, and that wouldn’t be horosho at all! It is pretty much the reason why we’ve not been the greatest at posting new stuff up lately but now that we have more or less settled into our new routines, we will definitely find those gaps in our schedules to bring some more fun posts to Hmsies!

So what does 2016 have in store for us? Well the UEFA European championships will be on this year, with Jasper getting behind England and Olesya getting behind Russia, which funnily enough will be each other’s opening game of the tournament! #CmonEngland!

We are also going to partake in the good ol’ Dutch tradition of Carnaval in February where we will hopefully snap a few funny photos and celebrate our long-awaited reunion after what will be six months! And last but not least, we both aim to get fit and healthy once again. Jasper flopped very early last year in his weight-loss plans so he definitely needs to work on his waistline this year! And Olesya will continue her stretching and bending with more Yoga and Pilates.

So, here’s to making it a triumphant and successful year for all of us! Look out for some future posts about living in Holland (or Netherlands if you want to be precise) and good luck, good health and good fortune to all!



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