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5 Easy Ways to Get Out of a Rut

So it’s the middle of April but how many of us are still feeling as if we haven’t quite shaken off the lethargic winter season? As our previous post, 5 tips to put some spring in your step did so well, we realised that sometimes we all need a bit of encouragement, especially when we are changing seasons for some brighter and warmer days.

 1. To align to spring, we should really make sure our body clocks are also aligned. Or as aligned as they can be! So if you, like me love your sleep – try getting it more at night than in the mornings. The most refreshing sleep you can have is if you can get to bed as soon as possible (so before midnight) and if you can fall asleep without your iPad, mobile or any other technologies which emit crazy weird light that your brain doesn’t like. Instead of watching a TV show to fall asleep to (Jasper!), why not try reading a good novel with a bedside lamp. Your brain will love it and you can doze off a lot easier with more restful shut-eye.

Tip: Don’t shut your curtains fully so the light can naturally wake you up before or with your alarm. This will you feel a lot better even for those of us who are naturally grumpy in the mornings!






2. Now that you’re awake at a reasonable time – get drinking! Although Bavarians do like their beer for breakfast, here we’d advise you against this and instead suggest you drink a cup of lemon juice in warm water. This is a tried and tested technique by Olesya and it works magnificently well! Of course, many of us need caffeine, but whilst that coffee is still brewing, do try and get yourself some water first. We usually feel cranky and tired in the mornings not necessarily because of a lack of sleep but because of dehydration. Therefore after a cup of this, you usually feel a lot more awake than downing 2 strong espressos. Also, if it is warm then it still feels comforting in the morning when you really want a warm drink if the sun is still nowhere to be seen during your wake-up hours. Not only that, but your skin will look great too! So less time is needed in front of the mirror examining all the wrongs with your face. A huge win-win!


3. Once you start your day right, you will want to continue for as long as possible! So, whatever your tasks are for the day, make sure you have a balance with other things you like to do. Whether it’s getting a short coffee break with a friend, treating yourself to a great lunch or planning something to do on an evening in the week, this will set you up mentally to face any workload you have. Believe it or not, the more you have going on in your life, the more you will find time to get things done. So even with an already busy schedule, find a few minutes here and there to make you happy!


4. Watch your posture. Ok this may seem like a weird tip, but it is probably the most important one if you want to feel great and be productive. Here’s a great article explaining all the benefits of good posture but basically, when you sit up straight, it actually changes your mood and hormone levels. If you ever wondered why at school, the teacher would always tell you ‘Sit up straight! Don’t slouch’ it  is actually because by sitting straight, it really improves your concentration and memory. It also lowers your cortisol levels, is better for your digestion which affects your tiredness levels  and makes you feel a lot more powerful. For those of you who have sat in a chair lower than someone else’s will realise just how significant being smaller can be. Now although this is the most important tip, it’s by far the hardest to do as it does feel unnatural or painful to many people. This is because your back and core muscles are not strong enough to be able to support you comfortably with a straight back. The best method you can use for this is Pilates. Hands down. In fact, any exercise including yoga, ballet or other toning exercises will help to improve your posture but Pilates is one of the best for strengthening your core and back muscles and you will naturally walk and sit taller.

This is a great 20 minute workout at home and after a few go-s, you will see what I mean!

5. Keep relaxed. Although there are many things you can do to improve your mood, tiredness levels, productivity levels and so on, it does not guarantee you a great day! It helps a lot of course but there are times, when you feel really quite ‘myeh’. So this is where you should stay mindful of this fact and accept things as they are. This is especially useful for us as students or for those with also a demanding workload. If you remember, that you can not change the situation then you stop fighting against it. It’s easy to then feel out of control when you realise you can’t do anything about it, but that’s when most people fall wrong. Because you still can be in control, and that’s simply by changing your attitude towards things. As soon you accept your life and all things within it, it becomes a lot easier for you to move forward with it, make progress and take small steps so you never feel overwhelmed. Remember the good old saying, ‘ If you don’t like where you are – change it, you’re not a tree’ .  And if you can’t change it, then you can at least change your attitude. We have a lot of power, which we forget to use so don’t make this mistake!

For more tips on keeping things positive, check out our Guide to staying happy! Or if you just need a good laugh, then watch this comedic trio pulling jokes on the public!


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