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Hmsies Returns!


So, what have these 2 funny and amazing (or at least we’d like to think so) British expats been up to? Well, aside from sliding off the blogosphere for a little while, because having to contend with Master’s essays has been no easy feat! We also didn’t manage to see each other for the longest time yet – about 12 months due to work and studies (sigh), however as soon as everything calmed down, and one half of Hmsies graduated from Tilburg with distinction, we finally planned some trips back to the Vaterland and managed to have a good ol’ catch up!

So, no time like the present to catch up on everything online too whilst we’re at it. Whilst Jasper has some months to go yet before his graduation, he has still kept up his political interests and even engaged in a Bavarian news talk show. Don’t believe it? Neither do I, but low and behold, he is actually on TV!

This would have been even more exciting if the News channel didn’t edit almost everything Jasper said in order to fit in with their agenda. The title of the show (translated) “Brits and Americans want to become German” and actually, although the UK is in a bit of a huff and puff with its politics, it doesn’t mean that we (certainly not Jasper) want to suddenly change our nationality! Perhaps, it’s a blog post in itself some day how the news say what they want.. (grrr)

Anyway, in other news, Olesya has managed to hop on a very long flight across some oceans to Los Angeles for a work conference and came back completely perplexed by the popular notion of ‘glamourous LA’ when actually ‘almost everything was falling down, and many streets resembled by what she has seen down in the Parisian banlieues’. Boston, it ain’t! Ironically, the weather was also bad (raining, windy and cold) whilst Yorkshire and Netherlands were basking in glorious sunshine and high temperatures.

Amongst plenty of other things, we have a lot of updates coming up for Hmsies such as: travel reviews, some more Expat life tips, politics (and what the hell has been happening recently) as well as some posts about general health and wellbeing. Because you can never have too much to say, right?

We missed sharing our stories and reading about others and now that we dont have to flog out 3 essays a week for uni, we can finally have some much needed blogging time.

Ta-rah for now!

Jasper & Olesya


One comment on “Hmsies Returns!

  1. Jack
    June 19, 2017

    Ӏ guess he is PERFЕCT att it!? Laugheԁ Larry.


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